Lunch is served

Lunch is served Sir

When I found this pose, it immediately spoke to me. It took a while to do it justice.

Please take a second and view this pic in my Flickr stream.

Pose is from Del May, Furnished – Coffee table. A few other favorites star in this picture. Apple Fall, Pilot and of course Nordari again, as this picture is taken at my home in SL.

After thought;

I am very aware of the ‘flaw’ in the cuff of my jeans. But I am sick and tired in all honesty of all those ‘perfect’ clothes I see daily on several blogs, specially a certain FashionFeed to begin with. Sometimes when you go and buy the outfits you learn that they are heavily edited. Or they do not inform you that if you wear a certain very popular jacket with a certain popular top, it looks grand from the front, but on the back it’s a mess.

Nice for the bloggers who get their + 1 visitor and nice for the ones selling it but it sucks balls. Clothes or stuff I use in my pictures is not edited. It is what it is. Pretty much like life.

Ok mini rant over. For now. Enjoy the pic.


  1. I only photograph clothes that look good in general wear. I’m aware that some poses cause breaks and glitches in clothes and I will fix those. If there are gaps or overlaps when I simply wear the outfit, I just don’t blog it (or buy it, if I notice it when I try it on).

    I wouldn’t have noticed the cuff if you hadn’t mentioned it. I was too busy admiring the composition 😉

    • I know you blog honest. I have gotten a few outfits you blogged about and also some outfits others blogged about and they are great. But then again you are not every day on that ‘one blog feed’ ;).

      hahaha i love this pose. I had so much fun with it. And still have fun with it 😛

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