A new outfit

New outfit

Pose by Del May – Punk with knife (male)

Boots and Jacket by [DEADWOOL], Jeans by Maitreya

As you know I do not give a rats ass about how I run around in SL as long as I have a good pair of jeans on. But every now and then I see something that is an absolute ‘must have now’.

Enjoying a lazy morning I was going over a few blogs and on one of them I saw these boots. To be precise it was on Caoimhe Lionheart’s blog. So I raced over to the store and grabbed them and went back home and started to make a new outfit. Now most of you do this on a daily bases. I don’t.

Something kept nagging me and after a while I knew what it was. The jacket I saw. After a return visit to the store I put on the jacket and I knew I had found my fall outfit. What is more, it is finally a piece of mesh clothing that does not give me huge boobs. I am getting really really tired of that so wearing a male outfit is the perfect answer for that. Most women’s clothes either have an ass that screams ‘saddle up’ or boobs that make the average cow turn green with jealousy. More power to all of those who love running around like that, I have always been a loner so I hope you do not mind I do not join you in this trend.

So there you have it. My new fall outfit.


  1. LOL Hey now, I love my arse! But no, I’m not a “saddle up” gal 😉 (In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been away from blogs and blogging for a few days – I think I’m finally caught up. A perfect way to spend my Saturday evening!)

    • welcome back! I have missed you. The huge boobies and bums are simply not me. I do admire those who simply wear them and make them work. Like Miss Berry. You could make it work as well! Thank you for all your sweet comments!

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