A tale of a bear, a ladder and a girl

Tale of a bear, a ladder and a girl

Once upon a time there was a girl who sat on a ladder and had a wonderful talk with a bear. The end.

When I started out in Second Life I had no clue what I was doing. I am not saying I do now, but at least now I know that I don’t have a clue.

The first store I ever visited was {what next}. My first house in SL was the Coastal Loft Skybox which is still one my favorites. Of course I own all the trunks or trunk related items because well I am a trunk-junk. My current house is littered with bits and pieces from {what next}. Maybe I’ll do a post about that soon as I am in this ‘let’s- rummage-through-the-ol-inventory-mood’ and see what is in there.

I was also very lucky to meet Spinnetje Jewell very early on. Apart from being a great person she is the creator and owner of Spiders Designs. She makes wonderful things when she is not busy teaching noobs how to re-texture walls.

So why all this reminiscing? I blame Spidy. The other day she gave me this great bear and besides being a trunk-junk, I love bears. So I had to do a picture with Mr.Teddy.

The first picture was blegh, the second one was even more blegh and so I ran to {what next} again, snapped up the Falling Wall Decor ladder thingie, sat down on the ladder with Mr. Teddy intently listening to my ramblings and well here’s the picture of that moment.

PS;  before you all go nuts because you want that bear and spam the living daylights out of Spidy, hold your horses. She will put it up in her store shortly.

For the Falling Wall Decor you can run off and get it at {what next}

For more information about Spiders Designs and {what next} check the links on your left. You will find all information you need about both stores there.


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