another outfit

Pose by Del May – Slumped Lean, Jacket from [Deadwool]  Gloster jacket – brown

Today I set out to create a whole new outfit. For many a treat, for me a chore. I did buy some nice clothes, they will show up probably next year in a post as I most likely will forget about them. I could not resist a visit to [Deadwool]. So the inevitable happened I bought the Gloster jacket. I stalked the vendor a while because I couldn’t make up my mind which colour to get. If my budget would have allowed it I would have bought them all. I probably will end up doing so anyway in the future.

What I like to stress out once more is that I am not sponsored. This designer simply stole my little ol’ heart because I love the work they do. The fitting (even though it’s a male jacket) is spot on and the textures are amazing.

Although this is far from a ‘whole new outfit’ I am happy as can be with it. The boots, also from Deadwool are perfect and my trusted jeans, well what can I say, I live in them. They are from Maitreya.


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