A house is not always a home

A house is not always a home

Coming back from my trip I wanted to treat myself to a wee bit of shopping. I started at Apple Fall. Big mistake as my planned shopping spree ended right there and then. The chairs and the whole new collection is just awesome. I adore the vintage, used, worn look. Books are always a good thing but these series are just spot on.

Of course my favorite coffee table is a trunk from {what next} and as you can see I have not yet unpacked my suitcase.

For this little decoration fun, I rezzed one of my all time favorite houses, ‘may a stone guide your way’ from Nordari.

The shopping list

  • House – Nordari – May a stone guide your way
  • Shelf -AF Carved Corbel Shelf
  • Rug – AF Panoramic Rug
  • Books -AF Books x 2, AF Arts & Crafts Books
  • Fern – AF Fern Specimen
  • Chair – AF Milan Lounge (Red Leather)
  • Paintings – AF Venetian Oil in Gilt Frame (Portrait) – one is modified
  • Lamp – AF Giant Teller Lamp (Nickel)
  • Suitcase – TA Travel Luggage
  • Bottle – POST / Orujo Aguardiente
  • Trunk – {what next) Mayfair Trunk (saddle brown)

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