Juju Library

juju library

The shopping list

  • Chair on left – junk. juju chair. foxy. RARE (NEW available @ Shoetopia, nov.15)
  • Chair on right – junk. juju chair. cloudy. RARE (NEW available @ Shoetopia, nov. 15)
  • Chair on the far right – junk. juju chair. crush. (NEW available @ Shoetopia, nov. 15)
  • Books – Cheeky Pea, Apple Fall, 22769 ~ [bauwerk], [kusshon]
  • Build – [we’re CLOSED] ruined cottage
  • Floor – {vespertine- old wooden fence/browns}

Shoetopia starts on november 15 (this friday!) and junk has a gacha in sim 2. These are some of the chairs in it.  Each play will be 50L. There are 2 rares and the common chairs all have different animations in each.


  1. Confession time: I managed to throw out my shoes folder :S And contrairy to popular belief I did have quite a collection. I haven’t gotten around to hit the re-delivery terminals and thankfully I didn’t throw out my Deadwool boots. Those are in a special, special folder marked “do NOT throw out” with a few other items that I really never want to loose, which also happens to hold my bare feet 😛

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