Almost on my way to you

Almost on my way to you

The shopping list

  • Build – Scarlet Creative – Woodsman Cottage
  • Couch – TA Bohemian Couch
  • Lamp – TA Concept Hang Lamp
  • Letters on desk – TA Bohemian Letters
  • Travel guide – TA Travel Guide
  • Box with papers – PILOT – Rolled Paper Rack
  • Maps – PILOT – Travelers Map
  • Pillows – PILOT – Tiffany Extra Pillows
  • Basket with stuff – PILOT – Storage Basket
  • Plate with cookies – PILOT Cookie Bar [Sugar Cookies]
  • Lab stool – 7 – Lab Stool – Industrial Green
  • Lamp on desk – AF Teller Lamp (Nickel)
  • Desk – {vespertine- crafty working table artistic}
  • Coffee – [*Art Dummy!] pumpkin spice coffee (decorative)
  • Letters & flowers – {what next} Laurel Cottage Tulips & Morning Mail
  • LA Sign – 7 – Filmore Los Angeles Sign
  • Small table – Zigana . Table 234 . neutral dark
  • Travel papers – -tb- Bon Voyage – Ready to Travel
  • Flowers – AF {af} Lustful Lilacs
  • Pose – Del May

Planning a trip once more and even though I know exactly where I go, I can not resist staring at maps and making little dots and markings. My maps are a horror to everyone but me. They are filled with lines, numbers indicating distance, dots with tiny scribbles with hotel names and places one should not forget. Looking at maps does not get me any closer or faster to where I wish to go, but it sure helps with daydreaming.

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