Screen in the attic

Screen in the attic

The attic is a place where memories hide and treasures can be found. A place where time stands still. Contemplating what was, what is and dream about what may be.

In this case the treasure I found is a screen that takes me right back to my grandmothers attic. The smell of old lace, dusty chairs and old books and letters is a childhood memory that I hope will always stay with me.

The screen is from Junk. for this week’s round of the Neighbourhood. There are two versions, a cream and light blue one. It’s a known secret I am a huge fan of Junk. The eye for detail, the creativity draws me to that store every single time. Let alone the staggering amount of animations that come with most of their releases. The breathtaking textures are amongst the best I have seen in Second Life. The work on this screen is a great example of what can be achieved in SL by being creative and knowing how to build.

Anyway, enough rambling from me, make sure you go and see for yourself. Or not. Up to you.

The shopping list

  • Build – Culprit Neva’s Rustic Cottage
  • Screen –  junk. toulon screen. cream. – (NEW for The Neighbourhood jan.4th)
  • Rug – Zigana . rug . rose
  • Rug – junk. rug. gold.
  • Sketchbook – PILOT & JIM – Sketchbook
  • Books – PILOT – Thick Book Stack
  • Heart on floor – Lark – Vino Lover
  • Bear – <:*BoOgErS*:> Sleepy Bear
  • Chair – [*Art Dummy!] summertide. (chair, vintage – rose)
  • Trunk – {what next) Mayfair Trunk (saddle brown)
  • Flowers – Kuro – Flushing bowl
  • Flowers – [ keke ] winter bottle – elder berry, snow hazel
  • Letters – Zigana . With love mix
  • Bed – AF Dreams Bed
  • Theatre chairs – junk. recycled theatre seats. vintage.
  • Wall art – The Loft – LA Bus Scroll
  • Curtains – [AF] BREEZE Curtains

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