The shopping list

  • Letters – Seven Emporium
  • Table – Junk.

The rant;

Changing the textures and adding a few pillows to a couch does not make it new. Overflowing SL with signs made out of Marquee letters is not original. Please stop treating me, your customer like an idiot.

If you think a particular item should be redone by you, then by all means go nuts. But at least say that you got ‘inspired’ by the original creator. Do you really think that people are impressed? At some point you were maybe someone who had original ideas but those days are gone. You are now one step shy of a joke. At least in my eyes.

Harsh? Yup. And why not? This pussyfooting around the proverbial elephant in the room is not my cup of tea. I have spent the last weeks gritting my teeth seeing stuff being presented as original and new. It’s not. It is someone else’s creative idea you stole. Shame on you.

And shame on me that I actually fell for it. Shame on me that I actually spent Lindens, which I bought with very reallife money to get your stuff. So yes I am harsh. It is my money. I bought the right to be harsh. Because until recently I was a customer.

I am fully aware that when it comes to design there is not much that isn’t done before. We as a species have been designing for ages. However slapping Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam on a trailer does not make it the Sistine Chapel. It’s still a trailer. You ‘overhauled it’ which is fine but  don’t try to sell it off as your original idea as it’s not.

For those who think that I have no clue what I am talking about, think again. As a writer of children’s story’s and drawing my own illustrations I know very well what I am talking about. It ‘s called originality and inspiration. And if that is running low at some point, that’s fucking scary. I get that. But claiming other peoples work and idea as your own, that’s just pathetic.

Well now I got that out of my system, I’ll go back to making  pictures.

ps:  just because I didn’t take a swing at you in this post, doesn’t mean you are off the hook 


  1. I love it when you speak up. Mostly your posts are simply stunning photos with very little commentary. Don’t get me wrong; I love them. But I also love that you wait until you have something to say…to say it. ❤

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