The shopping list

  • Build – Scarlet Creative The Trilby Dacha Mesh
  • Fan – Scarlet Creative Someone to Love Fan Decor (avail at the Mingle event in the giftshop)
  • Light – junk. pulley light.
  • Chair – Culprit Leather Wingback Chair (Black)
  • Cushions – [AF] EVELYN Throw Cushion Red .2 & AF Ikat Throw Cushion (Architecture)
  • Paper – oyasumi / papstack unwritten thick
  • Fountain pen – oyasumi / black fountpen
  • Snow jar – [ keke ] snow jar – deers
  • Teapot – [ keke ] tea pot – licorice
  • Tea – {af} Lemon Tea
  • Wall art – AF Print Frame I & AF Print Frame II
  • Cabinet – AF His Cabinet RARE
  • Books in cabinet – AF as part of the cabinet – AF Books, PILOT – Thick Book Stack
  • Cigarboxes – 7 – Two Cigar Boxes
  • Table – Dutchie side table
  • Flower – [ keke ] tea tin – vitality
  • Wine etc on table – [Con.] & :CP: Dragonfly Garden Bric-a-Brac
  • Dangerous next to me – .Birdy. Snow Cub {Medium rez} (groupgift)
  • Firepit – {what next} Mallorca Firepit
  • Pose – Del May

So.. what do you do when you are decorating and you all of sudden just have to have that one cabinet? You TP over and hit the Gatcha machine. A while later you are not ‘hitting’ it, but ready to go at it with blowtorches, axes and completely disembowel the bloody machine because it spits out everything except that one ‘rare’ you wish.

If any rowing team needs oars, an archer looking for some arrows or someone who might want to start a greenhouse, just let me know. Should you wish to try and build a house out of smaller cabinets, also rare but not so rare it seems, then I can possibly help you out. I’m good for at least 2 complete walls.

Seriously though I had the most fun this afternoon I had in ages. And finally success. How that exactly happened, will remain a well kept secret.

Edit: No I did not use the fantasic WL settings Moos has posted. A few have contacted me and asked. I actually used ‘a fine day’ and tweaked it till I had the shadows and clouds I wanted. I usually shoot my pics in very bright colours and sharp contrasts so I can then do my black and white stuff with them.

One comment

  1. OMG! Now I’m laughing with YOU! Do you see the hat I’m wearing in my tiny Gravatar photo? The COMMON sloth hat from 8f8 at the last Arcade? The one I HAD to have to do a sister photo to Cao’s moo? I probably could have paid half my tier for what I spent in that gacha machine! Rares? Got ’em coming out my ears. Every other Common? Multiples of each! Sloth mittens? Tons! But one lousy sloth hat nearly put me off gacha machines for life!

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