There’s always that one place in the house

Junk @ TMD

Wednesday, February 5th The Men’s Department opens again for another round. Junk has made a set of repurposed bicycle parts. They come in two colors, bronze and iron.

I’ll ramble on a bit more after the shopping list but for those who are in a hurry, here it is.

The shopping list:

  • Build – Scarlet Creative The Trilby Dacha
  • Seats – junk. repurposed saddle seat. bronze. (NEW @ TMD February 5th)
  • Table – junk. repurposed wheel table. bronze. (NEW @ TMD February 5th)
  • Lights – junk. repurposed wheel light. bronze. (NEW @ TMD February 5th)
  • Furnace – 7 – Portable Furnace
  • Buzzer panel – 7 – Apartment Buzzer Panel
  • Radio – 7 – Philby Radio
  • Projector – 7 – Slide Projector
  • Cigarette vendor – 7 – Cigarette Machine
  • Sign – 7 – True Love Sign
  • Crate – {vespertine – original lemonade crate filled}
  • Pizza – {sa} Takeaway Pizza
  • Cards – *Second Spaces* game of war
  • Ashtray – POST: Haarlem Deco Ashtray

So on to more ramblings as promised.

I have struggled with the Trilby house. 

I love everything about it and it has sat on my land since it was released with literary only 5 items in it. Sometimes a house is so beautiful in colors and textures that it doesn’t need anything more then 1 or 2 well chosen items. Since I like to stuff places, I picked 5.

This house has got me going from day one. I have done a few pictures with it, but they were what I call ‘lucky’ snapshots while I was rezzing things rather at random and then all of a sudden I had a shot worthy of posting. Or at least I deemed it worthy of posting.

With that said, yesterday all of a sudden the muses bestowed their gifts on me and I started to decorate. I have only done two rooms so far, if you count the hallway as a room that is. I do because every house I have lived in real life seems to have this place where people somehow gravitate towards.

In this house it’s that little corner at the back door. Or is the front door? The jury is still out on that. It’s the place where that broken vending machine still stands. No one remembers why it was bought at that auction or even when. It just lives there. The projector needs to be filled with new slides and the radio more often then not, just sputters out a soft static noise until all of a sudden a part of a Beethoven’s 5th comes through crystal clear.

It’s the place where the ‘smokers corner’ is set up and it is the place where we play cards or stare out over the sea. Even though we have a whole house it’s just that one place you linger before you take your shoes off to venture further into the house or where you put your shoes on before going on another adventure. 

Give it time and a stack of books and empty bottles crowned with candles will show up. As well as that stack of newspapers. I have no doubt that in spring some seedlings that need special care will find a place there as well. 

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  1. I love this! The photo and especially the story 🙂 The place I gravitate to in the original house is the screened-in porch. I can curl up on the daybed there and look out over the sea, contemplating the unfinished painting on the easel.

    In the new house I have just (probably, almost) finished it’s kind of become the back porch. There really isn’t anyplace to sit there, other than the tub, but I think I have a bedraggled chair or two somewhere that just might fit in 😉

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