Junk bed

junk bed

The shopping list & ramblings

  • Build  – Scarlet Creative Vintage Petite
  • Bed – junk. bed morrisson iron bed (NEW march 1st @ the Arcade)
  • Art – [LeeZu!] KEEP CALM

On me:

  • Ink – Reckless – Refuse to sink
  • Cardigan – {SMS} Long Cardi Black
  • Top and shorts – *BOOM* Infinity Boyshorts & Bikini Top Flourish-Black

Skin is Glam Affair 

junk. is going to release their first bed ever at the upcoming round of the Arcade. Junk has embarked on an industrial chic journey with their latest releases. The magic Tab & Evan have worked for the Arcade is a continuation of that journey. Make sure you hop over here for the full set that junk will be presenting.

The items made are not only all made from scratch, as per usual I might add, but the textures are once more outstanding. In less formal words; they make me drool. Of course most of the items that will be stuffed into that gatcha machine are packed with poses.

I kept it very, very simple and maybe some might think to simple. But every now and then you don’t want fancy or spectacular. Sometimes you simply want to show off a bed you really like, in a house you really like with a poster you really like wearing some stuff you really like.


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