The Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood

The shopping list & ramblings

  • Build – llorisen // emil pavilion house
  • Chair on left side – Kuro – Rwah armchair (NEW for The Neigbourhood this saturday)
  • Lamp – Kuro – Crystal lamp (NEW for The Neigbourhood this saturday)
  • Plates – Kuro – Decorative plates (The Challenge, Feb 28th) (NEW for the Challenge)
  • Torso lamp – Culprit Torso Light Fem 1
  • Pears & Pear tree – Culprit Pear Holiday Set
  • Table – [CX] Makeshift Table (landmark takes you to the Revolt sim and the [CX] store is there. And its worth a visit!)
  • Wall art – Wall art pop. BananaN
  • Cabinet – Zigana – Apothecary cabinet .light
  • Parcel on table – / XIAJ / Parcel (rez)
  • Ashtray – POST: Haarlem Deco Ashtray
  • Soup – [Breno]Hot n Sour Soup Vegetarian
  • Magazines on floor (left) – Dutchie 4 fashionmagazines, 1 prim
  • Crate Chair (on right) [N*11] Crate Chair – Rusted – Dirty Green
  • Bench & Table – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Beergarden – (NEW for the Challenge) (I am only showing part of the table and benches but the whole set is much more elaborate!)
  • Rusty pipe – Dutchie rusty pipe
  • Stool – %Percent – Bourbon toool – (I am only showing the stool, the whole set contains 4 stools, a table and bottles & glasses)
  • Scales & books – Sari-Sari – Scale with Books
  • Garden gate –  *. emm [ shop ] ;  secret garden entryway {dark}
  • Trees – *alirium* Medusa : green [box]

This house is a bit different for me and it was a challenge to make a decor picture with it. I do like the ”loft” feel and modern builds in general but somehow this house sat in my inventory and stared me in the eye. When Luana showed the first picture of her entry for this round of the neighbourhood I knew it had to be used in this house.

When I logged on to Flickr this morning I saw Luana’s post and the name of the chair and my jaw dropped. It’s not every day you get a chair named after you! Thank you so much! So there I was, a chair and a house.Now what?

Well first of all I started to let go of the idea that my picture had to ‘fit in’. I started rummaging around in the ol’ inventory for stuff that I like a lot but that somehow is a tat different.  I know it’s not Christmas, but the Pear tree from Culprit is simply to gorgeous to not use till next Christmas. So there you go, a picture with stuff I like and a chair named Rwah. 

About the the chair. The chair has a texture changer and the animations that come with it are awesome. I love love the first animation when you sit on the chair and you will see a picture with that pretty soon showing that.

Ok enough friday ramblings. I hope you enjoy the picture and all the beautiful stuff that is in there.


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