Back to Vegas

Back to Vegas

Shopping list & Ramblings

  • Pool – The Loft – Verona Pool
  • Pool sign – 7 – Pool Sign – RARE (NEW @ the Arcade)
  • Loungers – Culprit Filthy Lounger Leafy PG
  • Grass – 8f8 – Green Lookout (NEW @ the Arcade)
  • Champagne bucket – [ keke ] champagne bubblissimo bucket – silver  (NEW @ the Arcade)
  • Champagne bottle – [ keke ] champagne bublissimo – clear (NEW @ the Arcade)
  • Champagne glass – [ keke ] champagne glass – tulip (NEW @ the Arcade)
  • -tb- Spring Living – Radio (Green) (NEW @ the Arcade)
  • Ashtray – POST: Haarlem Deco Ashtray
  • Pillow – {what next} Hampton Dock Pillow  (yellow plain)
  • Parasol – {what next} Beachbelle Beach Parasol
  • Plant – Zigana . plant . two (NEW @ the Arcade)

On me:

  • Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ Claudette Mesh Hair – Blacks Pack
  • Glasses – [Surf Co.] Bouquet Sunnies – Green (NEW @ the Arcade)
  • Bikini – [Surf Co.] Giraffes Bikini – Luau (NEW @ the Arcade)

Skin is from Glam Affair, Hands and feet from Slink

When you visit Vegas, unless you are one of the lucky who stays in a hotel that is amongst the best of the best, you will see that from a distance everything looks picture perfect on the strip. When you start exploring your hotel, again if you are in normal price ranged hotel, you will find signs of faded glory. A bit of weed between the pool tiles, the loungers are worn. 

Vegas to me is a special place for very personal reasons. But Vegas is also special to me because she is this Lady that still tries to maintain her looks but she is slipping. Slowly but surely age catches her. It’s sad, but on the other hand when you squint a bit and forgive a lot, Vegas is grand dame that still kicks up her heels.

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