It’s not an office, it’s not a house. It’s home.

It's not an office or a house. It's home

The shopping list & ramblings

Scarlet Creative has released this wonderful new build and couches for this round of C88. And as per usual it is stunning and right up my alley.The textures are great and surprising and the build offers many possibilities. Just hop on over to C88 and take a look for yourself.

When I saw the pallet table Eleventh Hour released for this round of TMD I knew I had to have it. Seeing SC’s build and couch yesterday I knew I wanted to match them and well I obviously did. The textures (yes I know I am repeating myself and babble about textures again) are just grand. 

These days there are so many new releases that I find it hard to choose. So many wonderful things and so little time. Alas, that is a luxury problem.

Enjoy and happy shopping.


  1. I am DYING to get into C88 this month to check out that build! For once, that is the only thing I’m salivating over. I even went to the mainstore to see if there was a demo there. *sad face* there wasn’t.

    If it works out, I’m going to use it as my new show room 🙂

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