Nothing on tv

Nothing on tv

The shopping list & Ramblings

  • Build – L2 STUDIO West Lake MINI ch 50 LI
  • TV – 7 – Philby Television

On me

  • Pants – 7mad;Ravens (F) Alpha Leather Pants
  • Ink – .Reckless. – Brothers keeper.
  • Hair – **Dura-Girl**16(Black)-ladys hair
  • Ring – MG – Roho Gold/Silver
  • Skin is from Glam Affair and hands & feet are Slink, Ears are from Mandala
  • Pose – Del May

The ramblings;

The pants I am wearing are from 7 mad ravens. The textures, yes there they are again, are stunning. The fit is perfect and if you like to show some ‘cleavage’ these pants are a must have.

As I mentioned in my last post I would tell a bit more about tattoo’s. Well here goes nothing.

In real life I have some tattoo’s myself. My left arm and upper back are a diary of my life. My first tattoo was a wee dolphin on my shoulder, soon followed by another tattoo on my inner wrist because I wanted to see it my self. From there, more tattoo’s followed. Most signifying a special or intense moment.

Then the day came when I looked and realized my collection of tattoo’s had become a royal ‘clusterfuck’. Needless to say when Elska released a tattoo named like that I had to have it. Because unless you have a plan before hand what, where and how big, tattoo’s are something that sort of grow haphazardly. And before you know it you end up with what I had, a bunch of nice enough tats, that looked like some deranged toddler went nuts with crayons. Well grey crayons as mine are all b/w. No surprise here I guess.

So there I was with a bunch of ink, now what? I was lucky to meet a very talented artist who with a few strokes of the pen, literally, connected the dots. Now I have a full sleeve on one arm and my upper back is next to be worked on to make the bridge to my neck, throat and other arm. 

However it is a bit more slow then slapping one on in SL. Not only are tattoo’s rather costly, sitting still for hours on end is not my thing. I am taking my time. Like any diary, this one is not going to be written over night.

So there you go. Now you know why I like tattoo’s in SL so much and why you often will see me wearing one or several. 


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