Rebel with a chair

Rebel with a chair

The shopping list & ramblings, lots of ramblings

  • Chair – -JoHaDeZ- ArmChair “Heavenly” (NEW april 1st @ the Home Show)

On me

  • Pants – 7mad;Ravens (F) Alpha Leather Pants (NEW)
  • Top – *MC* Zipup Turtleneck Sweater – Chunky/Samba

The ramblings

April 1st marks the start of the Home Show 2014. An annual event where all decor-holics can shop till they drop. All information about the Home Show you can find here

The coming weeks I will probably bore you do death with posts about the Home Show. There is so much to show that it is impossible to show everything at once. Well it is possible but I decided against it. As is very clear in this picture. It is the complete opposite from that. 

JoHaDez has made a stunning set for the Home Show. The chair I am showing today is just one single piece out of a set that is simply breathtaking. And with JoHaDez it’s not only the shape and the textures, yes there they are again, but Johnny Hardstone packs his items usually with texture change options, resize options and tons of animations.

As of lately his animations include the face. However you can turn this option off if you prefer that. I do, because somehow my avi looks like a deranged serial killer when the face is animated. 

By giving so many texture and size options, his creations will go a long way.

This picture might not be much when you talk decorating. I mean lets face it, plonking down a chair and then make a picture is not the pinnacle of decorating. But showing off a chair that is simply grand on it’s own.. well that is what I tried to do.

Thank you for reading and happy shopping come april 1st.


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