Step into my office!

Step into my office

The shopping list & Ramblings

  • Build – Scarlet Creative Mesh Prefab – Vintage Summer Room
  • Shutters – Scarlet Creative Mesh Decor Shutter
  • Desk – DIGS – Keene Desk – Full [MESH] (NEW april 1st @ the Home Show)
  • Chair – DIGS – Keene Metal Chair [MESH] (NEW april 1st @ the Home Show)
  • PC – DIGS – Desktop Computer [MESH] (NEW april 1st @ the Home Show)
  • Books & plate on desk (laying) BAZAR -Toronto-Books and plate decor (NEW april 1st @ the Home Show)
  • Couch – BAZAR – Toronto-Sofa( W/o blanket) (NEW april 1st @ the Home Show)
  • Rug – BAZAR – Toronto-Living room rug (NEW april 1st @ the Home Show)
  • Pouf (disguising as a table) – MudHoney Leslie Pouf – wavy (NEW april 1st @ the Home Show)
  • Angry Fish (art on desk) – -JoHaDeZ- artydeco “angry fish” (NEW april 1st @ the Home Show)
  • Polaroids – [ keke ] polaroid – needle pin
  • Hanging picture – [ keke ] hanger art horizontal – photo
  • Paper & Letters – PILOT – Murrow Table DEUX [Newspaper/Mail
  • Sculpture in corner (it thinks it’s a tree…) 8f8 –  EMERGENCY TREE_RARE
  • Coffee tray – {what next} Rise & Shine Coffee Tray – V2
  • Bundle of joy under the desk – *Second Spaces* geeky powerstrip with cords

The ramblings

‘Step into my office’;  I wish I had a workspace like this for real. An organized desk instead of a ramshackled mismatch of old tables and a chair that would score high in any torture chamber.

Iris Makely from DIGS has created this great desk, the ‘Keene Desk’. The set has many options but the one I like the most is the texture change menu. You can choose between white, beige and black. And that makes this a versitale affair which can be used in almost any decor. The chair is packed with animiations and if you like clean, sharp lines then do check out this set once the Home Show opens, which is tomorrow, april 1st.

The lamp and computer are also part of the set and both have serveral options to play around with.

The books on the desk, rug and couch are from BAZAR. They are part of the Toronto living room line. This couch also comes with a texture change menu for both the couch and pillows. The couch can be changed in black, white and grey. The pillows have numerous options and the couch is packed with animations. The menu also has a tab for the wearables amongst which you will find coffee, a magazine, a book and popcorn. Some are specific for males or females.

Last but not least the ‘table’ which is of course the MudHoney Leslie Pouf. I am in love with it and I am affraid you will see it back more often. I love using ottomans, trunks or poufs as a table.

Even though I am only showing one item from MudHoney in this post, it goes without saying that all three designers I am featuring today are amongst the best SL has to offer.

Me being me, I couldn’t resist to sneak in a few other items that are not new but just found their way into this decor. I want to mention the ’emergency tree’ form 8f8 because I simply love the quirkiness of the flashlight and I adore the shape. It is a gacha item and a rare at that, so it might take some persistence to get it, but I think it’s more then worth it.

Enjoy and happy shopping!


  1. So many things that I love in this photo, but the whale (angry fish) sculpture is my pick. My favourite aunt, who passed away in a house fire a year ago, had one made of jade that her son brought back to her from Vietnam. He was a walking casualty of that war, spurning most people, but he loved his mother. I remember going to visit and her house was stuffed with ‘things,’ mainly items she had crafted or sewn herself. But that whale always held pride of place on the mantle.

    I don’t know if it survived the fire; in fact, I hadn’t thought of it until I saw your photo. But memories of learning to bake pecan pie and eating the best chicken and dumplings ever at her dinner table are frequent visitors in my mind.

    Thanks for bringing back some lovely memories ❤

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