The Forest Cafe

The Forest Cafe

The shopping list & Ramblings

I apologize for the length of the post but I used a lot of goodies.

  • Build – Kuro – Forest cafe (NEW @ The Home Show)
  • Bench – Kuro – Forest loveseat (white) (NEW @ The Home Show)
  • Table – Kuro – Square cafe table & Round cafe table (NEW @ The Home Show)
  • Chair – Kuro – Metal chair (NEW @ The Home Show)
  • Crate with bottles – Kuro – Bottles crate (NEW @ The Home Show)
  • Shelves – Kuro – Shelf crate 1 & 2 (NEW @ The Home Show)
  • Place settings on the far left table – MudHoney Leslie Place Setting (NEW @ The Home Show)
  • Chandeliers – [PM] Pixel Mode  – Chandelier – Long – Pewter (NEW @ The Home Show)
  • Mug rack – Kuro – Wild mugs (NEW for the Challenge)
  • Bowl with flowers – Kuro – Flushing bowl
  • Radio – 7 – Philby Radio
  • Wine bottle – [Breno] Wine bottle (RED)
  • Wine glass – [Breno] Wine Glass (Empty)
  • Stack of plates – DIGS – Briggs Plate Stack [MESH] (NEW @ The Home Show)
  • Paper cups – {what next} Garden Cafe  Papercup Stack Upsidedown
  • Lemonade dispenser – {what next} Garden Cafe Pink Lemonade Dispenser
  • Wall art – {what next} Cafe Vintage Wall Prints
  • Stack of plates with bowl on top – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Stack of Plates [2]
  • Bottles – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Glass Bottles
  • Time wasted wall art – 22769 ~  [bauwerk]  Wasted Time
  • Puzzle – Second Spaces – Gettin’ Jiggy – puzzle (in the box) (NEW)
  • Postcard stand, Bookcard  – vespertine – gacha items
  • Teacup, Teapot, Daisies – -tb- Various gacha items
  • Newspaper & mail, Ham dinner – PILOT
  • Bell – ISPACHI – Welcome Bell – Beware of The Dog
  • Daisies in bucket, Stool – {what next}
  • Paper with glasses and cigarette, Phone – .aisling.– various gacha items
  • Cash register – oyasumi / cash register / grey
  • Stool with pillows – Lark – Aller Stool
  • You are.. wall art – BAZAR – Arizona-Black board

The ramblings (for those who still have steam left!)

It is maybe a well kept secret, a place where only a few locals go. It is a place where you can walk in and sit down to read a book. Or go over your newspaper and mail wondering where that letter you are so anxious to get has gone. Will it come? Will it be good or bad news? It is a place where you are gently pulled out of your daydreams and worries by the smell of fresh strong coffee and chocolate cake.

It is a place where there is no schedule for eating. Breakfast and hot meals are served throughout the opening hours. It is a place where you find no wifi, no internet-radio, but an old banged up transistor radio and an old black and white tv set. The music is either live or comes from an old record player and only on an off day will your cellphone work here. It is a place where forgotten books are rediscovered and old fashioned board games are played.

Every now and then a stranger walks in and looks around. They either turn around without word and go on, in search for a more ‘modern’ place where the all the food tastes the same, where the coffee has a fancy name but is stale and where the noise drowns out all feelings and thoughts.

Those who stay, come back often. To think, to read, to enjoy the coffee and the daily special, to sent that odd postcard or drink that amazing vintage red. They come back and soon they are part of the Forest Cafe. If you can find the Forest Cafe, do come in and stay.

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