The old potting shed

The shed

The shopping list & ramblings

  • Build – Culprit Old Potting Shed Rust
  • Wagon – 7 – Little Green Wagon (NEWThe Home Show)
  • Crates – 7 – Plant Pot Crates (NEW @ The Home Show)
  • Sign (leaning against table) – 7 – Garden Supplies Sign (NEW @ The Home Show)
  • Tray – 7 – Garden Tray (NEW @ The Home Show)
  • Yard Mule – 7 – Yard Mule Cart (NEW @ The Home Show)
  • Mower – 7 – Old Mower (NEW @ The Home Show)
  • Other items from Seven Emporium – 7–  Gasoline Can, Route 66 Sign, Shortwave Radio,  Lab Stool, Scoreboard,  Truckers Welcome Sign, True Love Sign, Portable Furnace, City Trash Can, Lawn Chair, Handtruck, Hanging Bulb -Single
  • Crate under the table – PIILOT – Garden Supplies
  • Tools – PILOT – Garden Tools
  • Water hose – PILOT – Water Hose
  • Garden pots – Second Spaces – English Garden pots – upside down
  • Pot with dirt – oyasumi / potspill pot & shovel
  • Paint – AF Paint Tins
  • Brushes – [PM]Pixel Mode – Short RB: Cream & [PM]Pixel Mode :Paint Brush: Cream (part of the DIY pose prop set)
  • Bycycle – / XIAJ x ZZANG /  Rust Metal Bike + rust

The ramblings

Seven Emporium, for those who don’t know, is your one stop source for all things that have to do with marquee letters and signs. It also is a never ending source for props that are not so average and most of the (pose) props fit in whatever decor seamlessly. Others are more outspoken and are perfect for those who want to use their pose props to spice up their decor.

You will find the odd chair or stool, cabinet and table there as well. All of them made with the same attention for detail. Everything has textures that have yours truly drooling and the items that are animated will keep you entertained for quite some time.

If you find yourself staring at a wall that needs some decoration, Seven Emporium has an assortment of posters, flags and other decor items to finish off any decorating project.

For the Home Show, Agustkov is taking us to the garden, or in my case to the shed. When I first saw the old mower I had this huge grin on my face because I remembered vividly how I pushed a mower just like that through many a wednesday afternoon trying to earn some extra pocketmoney.

Other items in the set are a sign, plant pot crates, a garden tray, a potting table and a yard mule card. And of course the little green wagon.

Thank you for reading and visiting and Happy shopping!

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