The shopping list & ramblings

  • Pose & Mirror – Kuro in Motion – Shattered… (NEW soon @ Pose Fair 2014)
  • Mask – ISPACHI – Trapped In My Own Asylum Mask (NEW for Limited Bazaar)
  • Ink – Reckless. – Life (NEW for 100 block)

The Ramblings

The Pose Fair 2014 will start April 19th and Kuro will be participating. The pose I am showing you is shattered and comes with the cracked mirror. As you can see, the mirror is fully modifiable and it’s very easy to drag and drop your own texture on the glass surface. Just in case, Luana has written a notecard with a step by step instruction on how to do it. It’s really easy and the textures on the mirror are really good and will also make a great deco item. Just sayin’.

As for the mask, well what can I say? It is from ISPACHI and everything that rolls out of that store is simply grand. This is a release for limited bazaar so I am not sure if it’s still available. I’d run for it. The textures are simply breathtaking and the level of detail is scary.

The ink is from Reckless and is an exclusive for the 100 Block event. It’s a tad different and specially the arms but I do love it. The detail as per usual is stunning although this picture doesn’t do it justice.

Enjoy and happy shopping.

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