Memories of Brighton

Memories of Brighton

The shopping list & Ramblings, a lot of ramblings!

  • Houses – {what next} Brighton Waterfront Cottage (NEW @ the Home Show 2014)
  • Docks & Piers – {what next} Waterfront Dock & Pier Set (NEW @ the Home Show 2014)
  • Scenery – Studio Skye – Beach Building Set, Beach Dune Building Set, Cuesta Rocks

On me

  • Bikini – /artilleri/ Jeanette bikini *black/red*
  • Cap – [AD] 50’s mesh swimsuit POIS
  • Glasses – /artilleri/ Clubmaster sunglasses *brown*
  • Ink – :Little Pricks: Vintage Love
  • Pose – Del May – Cutie
  • Skin is from [the Skinnery], Hands are from Slink

The ramblings

The houses from {what next} don’t need much praise. If you hop over and see them they will do all the talking for me. They are simply perfect. However you only have a few days left before the Home Show will close and these cottages will be gone then as they are a Home Show 2014 exclusive. 

When I first started SL, {what next} was the first store I went shopping. And I still shop there. The quality is simply stunning and for normal prizes. So run! Or not.

Personally I love the 50’s. I love the era and the fashion and builds that came from it and the way of living as well. I won’t drone on about it, but with this picture I wanted to try and capture some of that feeling. 

Some have been asking me where my b/w pictures went. They are still on the menu and always will be. But for me it was time to jump out of the box I had crawled in and break the rinse and repeat cycle. It was and is time for me to remember why I started making pictures in the first place and that is because it was fun. 

Playing with settings, colors and styles makes it even more fun. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do, but for those who almost have been stalking me requesting b/w pictures rest assure they will come back again pretty soon.

Thank you for reading and happy shopping!


  1. I love that you are mixing in colour with your stunning b&w photos! Every picture you do has your own personal flair and stamp on it 🙂

    Now, I never would have guessed you had an inner bathing beauty, but dammit, it sure works 😉

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