Sod the Brady Bunch

Sod the Brady Bunch

The shopping list & Ramblings

  • Build – Scarlet Creative Wish you were here Prefab (NEW @ C88 may)
  • Couch – Scarlet Creative Rockin Sofa – Banana Split  (NEW @ C88 may)
  • Smoke stand – soy. koushu_smoke stand_red
  • Chair – {what next} Mesa Chair

The ramblings

Charlotte Bartlett has released the “Wish you were here” house for the May round of Collabor88. I can ramble on for a few pages about the design, textures and all that but this house is simply right. The dimensions, the colors, all of it adds up perfectly.

The couch is also a new release and also available at Collabor88.

As for the rest, you all know I like {what next} and finally I had the chance to use the Mesa chairs. A new designer, at least for me, taking SL by storm is .Soy. The furniture is sleek and simple and the quality is perfect. 

Peep was again my partner in crime and very patient with me, many thanks! 


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  3. Excellent light work. I simply adore Scarlet Creative and what next. How many prims were in the creative house? Love your style and yours pics Rwah. Soooo. When can I move in there? 😀

    • The house is I think 39 prims and the chair I am not sure, but since it’s Winter’s not many.. They both are excellent designers. You are always welcome Cao!! ❤

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