Holding on

Holding on

The shopping list & ramblings

  • Bench – .junk. garden bench.silver (NEW may 15 @ Kustom9)
  • Bucket – .junk. tealight bucket.silver (NEW may 15 @ Kustom9)

On me

Hands are per usual, Slink.

The ramblings

Junk has released a fabulous garden bench for this round of Kustom9. The metal textures are perfect as always and the cushion textures are flowers in an array of colors that smell like spring, summer and icecream. I did lick them. Just a FYI.

As per usual the animations are spot on and the benches come in several colors. Just hop on over to Kustom9 when it opens and see them and try them for yourself.

The jeans from Chronokit are …. well for someone with a borderline jeans fetish they are all you can wish for. The blouse I am wearing is from h.m.a.e.m. It is part of a new release that includes a long skirt, but I choose it to wear it with.. jeans. 

Short and sweet this time, limo’s are waiting for you above, happy shopping!


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