Alis volat propriis

Alis volat propriis

The shopping list & Ramblings

All furniture from TA – (Tartessos Arts)

  •  Noor couch
  • Backgammon set
  • Noor Lamp
  • Noor Tea Set
  • Noor rug

On me

  • Dress – Yasum*MESH*Bagger Doll*Mega Hud Controled
  • Ink – .Reckless – Eastcoasting  (NEW for the Big Show)

The Ramblings

Nico Griffith from Tartessos Arts has two new releases, The TA Noor couch and the TA Noor bed set. I could keep this real short and simply say it ‘s a great release but that would be far to easy. So hold on, here we go.

For those not familiair with TA, you can find all your needs for decorating here. Not only that but if you are not big on decorating and want complete sets you are at the right place. If you are a roleplayer who likes to use the menus in beds, chairs and couches etc. then you shouldn’t only go check it out, then you HAVE to check it out.

The beds I know off and I have tried/bought a few, not only have sitting options to chat and hang out with friends but are packed really packed full with cuddles, MF, MM, FF, threesome, fetish and scenes. Everything to have a fun and sexy or kinky roleplay.

Seeing that most items have texture changing options as well and Nico provides a wide variety of styles at a very reasonable price you should check the store out.

Enjoy and happy shopping!


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