Dress me up in pretty clothes, let everybody see..

Dress me up in pretty clothes

The shopping list & ramblings

The ramblings

First of all a huge thanks for all those who were willing to be judge and jury for this picture. Again you have given me the courage to just go and post.

Some people, when I tell them I am shy or insecure about most pictures I make, laugh or do not understand as to why Rwah feels like that. Well newsflash. Rwah is human and insecure and shy at times. So again a huge thank for you who are so patient with me and always find time to give me feedback. Specially those who were more impromptu this time!

As for the necklace and the wall art from Seven Emporium; Do I really need to yap on about how great and all that? I am more then willing to as both are simply great pieces but I am afraid that by now you will be bored silly when I start droning on about textures and design. So I’d say just enjoy.

Happy shopping.


  1. I agree totally with Cao. But then I’ve been telling you that since I first saw your photos.

    I also understand the insecurity and shyness. I’m so pleased to be a lovely idiot compared to you 😉

    • I just added it.. arggh I often forget to mention them until I start adding the pic to groups on Flickr. It’s from oOo Studio, Provoke. Its a couple pose btw.

      and thank you!! coming from you that means so much! ❤

      • omgosh I am the WORST about crediting poses (as in next to never) I hate myself for it too, I should get in the habit of writing them down.. bad bad Cao –.– I often try to wear less when the focus is jewelry, in fact the pose I had made that is similar to this, I had it custom made for a magazine shoot where I was showing accessories. I love your intuitive sense of knowing what is important to the shot, styling it well, framing it perfectly and lighting it (or windlighting it) exactly as it needs to be. You have a good eye for this Rwah, you really truly do! ❤

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