Vagabonds & Lords

Vagabonds and Lords

The shopping list & Ramblings (lots of so grab a survival kit)

  • Table – –JoHaDeZ– Sidetable “Classic” (NEW for The Neighbourhood may 24th)(all props you see, book&lamp, cigarbox, slipper, ashtray are in the menu of the table and will be distributed when you click the table)
  • Chair – Trompe Loeil – Kings Chair Velvet Yellow M1 {A}

On me

  • Hat – – Bowler hat + Pin
  • Shirt – Kauna – Open Shirt Female: Black
  • Pants – 7mad;Ravens Foster Shorts (boxed)
  • Boots – [Gos] Triumph Boots V2 in Worn – Fem
  • Ink – elska – Satan Loves You [Dark Style Fair] (NEW for Dark Style Fair)
  • Pose – Del May – Attitude male

On Harold

  •  Kauna XIV Tweed Suit – overcheck green
  • Kauna – Brogue: Brown (Left)
  • Kauna – Pipe: Calabash Junior
  • Kauna – XIV Breeks Socks: Diamond Rust (S)
  • Kauna – Safety Glasses v.1.1
  • Action Sam Veganic HAIR +/- (A)

The ramblings

The pants I am wearing are a creation from Poe Cross’, 7 mad ravens. Ever since I first discovered that store (and Poe’s pictures on Flickr) I have been a groupie. A drooling one. I adore his creations. The textures are everything a true texture fetishist like myself wishes textures to be and the fits are excellent. He managed to make me do something no other could. He made me alter my shape so I could fit in these pants. And not much alteration after all.. Only a slight adjustment of the ‘saddle bag’ slider and voila, perfect fit.

Of course this means I have bought jeans there as well because somehow finding a pair of stained, oily, filthy jeans for a woman is hard. They are surely out there, but not like this. And heck I am going to buy the matching shirt soon as well and run around like a grease monkey.

The boots from GoS. Do I really need to go there? Gospel Voom is to me the SL diety of shoes. And personally I worship him vigorously.

The rest of my outfit are all items I love. From the tattoo to my hat, from the ears to my shirt. The latter is FYI, of exceptional quality.

As for the table from Johnny Hardstone (JoHaDeZ) what can I say? Johnny is one of those creators in SL who actually give a damn what they sell. And he is a perfectionist. His furniture has an outstanding quality and is made from scratch. This table has a few extra’s I want to point out.

If you rezz it the first time, it’s naked. Up to you to dress with whatever you choose or leave it bare. However if you touch the table, a menu pops up and you can add a lamp & book, a slipper, an ashtray, a pipe and cigar. The cigar box is and extra when you buy the table which gives you a cigar upon touch. It doesn’t mess up your inventory, it attaches straight to your mouth.

This table is a new release for this week’s round of The Neighbourhood and available today for 200 Lindens. Also a club chair with multiple texture options and stuffed with animations is up for grabs for 200 Lindens.

Last but not least, thank you Harry for posing!!

Happy shopping!


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