They said ‘come, it’s nice here’

They said ...

The shopping list & Ramblings

  • Build – Soy – Shop [Kadoya] (NEW)
  • Ice machine – 7 – Ice Machine (NEW)
  • Assorted trash – HSF Erotics – part of “Strapped Up” Bondage Bed Frame

On me

The ramblings

As I said yesterday I would do a post soon with Poe’s greasy jeans. Fiddeling around with the ice machine from Seven Emporium and Soy’s beautiful buildings (yes there are two!!) I stumbled on the picture above. 

I will not burst into another spontaneous worship over Poe’s stuff. But I will urge you to check out Soy. As I have mentioned before this designer is pretty to me but the things that they are making is great. 

These buildings as you can read here and here holds even special meaning for the creator. Also these pictures really show off the builds. Apart from that they are simply great.

Happy shopping!


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