ladies & gentlemen

Ladies and gentlemen

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Buid – L2  MESH – KOWLOON MEMORY 31 li total
  • Mattress – Dutchie FFM mattress
  • wall hanging – junk. wannabe boho. wall hanging. navy. (NEW @ The Arcade)
  • Pouffe – junk. wannabe boho. floor cushion. one. (NEW @ The Arcade)
  • Cabinet – junk. wannabe boho. drawers. red. RARE. (NEW @ The Arcade)
  • Lantern – junk. wannabe boho. lantern. one. (NEW @ The Arcade)
  • Steps – junk. wannabe boho. step shelves. RARE (NEW @ The Arcade)
  • Restroom signs – 7 – Restroom sign Ladies – Gentlemen (NEW @ The Arcade)

On me

  • Jeans – FitMesh – HipHopJeans+Belt – BOLD / Navy – REDGRAVE
  • Ink – Elska – Break my bones (limited edition)
  • Pose – Del May – Sleeping Beauty

The ramblings

The Arcade is upon is and it’s only a few more hours before it will open. Junk and Seven Emporium will be participating and both have released all these goodies you can win.

When I say ‘goodies’ I mean that they created stuff from scratch, dressed it with textures that are simply stunning and some items are stuffed with animations. But you know this from these 2 designers.


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  2. Am I the only person on Earth who doesn’t get to see the Arcade early?? Uff! Love the picture btw, but I say it so often I might as well go buy a stamp! Luurve it girlycue xo ♡

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