The shopping list & ramblings

  • Table – Soy. Old laboratory table (white metal) (NEW @ TMD june)
  • Siphon – Soy. Siphon of Dr.CoffeeStrangelove (only flask) (NEW @ TMD june)
  • Coffee – Soy. Cup of Dr.CoffeeStrangelove (NEW @ TMD june)
  • Dummy’s – Asylum Girl v1.2

On me


The ramblings

The second Arcade machine which was an absolute must for me, was the ISPACHI machine. I can rave on and on about the quality but that get’s old really fast. But it’s great! The textures, shapes, they never fail. Be it a gift, a free pancake breakfast or masks or home decor, everything is made perfect. And perfect is understated. Well a wee rave after all but I do love the stuff. 

Amidst all the Arcade madness The Mens Department opens for a new round as well. As per usual the selection offered there is of outstanding quality. Soy is participating this round with the Dr. Strangelove collection. It’s a great set, that can go many ways, not necessarily the way Tab and I took it.

While fiddeling around with the table, Tab hopped over and mentioned ‘I would squat in the sink’. Well.. hop in! She is an amazing lady and great friend! She is one of my ‘secret weapons’. When I am in doubt over a picture, which happens 8 out of 10 pictures, she never fails to give me advice and encourage me. Thank you for being a great friend!!

Ok, enough for now, tons of shopping to do and gacha machines to be plundered. 

Happy shopping!

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