Watch closely now

Watch closely now

The shopping list & ramblings

  • Build – Scarlet Creative The Arcade Carriage House RARE (NEW @ The Arcade)
  • Chair – Trompe Loeil – Aeronaut Chair Black & Cowprint {A} [mesh] (NEW @ TMD)
  • Chair – Soy. Old laboratory chair (NEW @ TMD)
  • Table – .junk – repurposed wheel table iron
  • Tracks – [Con.] Wanderlust Tracks

On me

  • Dress – DE Designs – Dora – Black
  • Boots – Miamai_Karya Boots Matte Black
  • Hat – RO – Paragons Cap – Forever Black
  • Pose – Del May

The ramblings

Charlotte Bartlett did it again. It is public knowledge I adore her houses and style and besides that, she is simply a great person. The Carriage house she created for the june round of the Arcade got me going. It’s a wee different then most houses, but that is pretty much the standard with her designs.

One of my favorite monthly events is The Men’s Department. The collection each month is reason enough to go over there and drool over all the goodies. Or lick them. Or both. 

The Aeronout chair from Trompe is a winner for me. I love love love metals used in combination with either leather or fabric. And this texture is very very lickable. 

A new store for me but probably not for you is DE Designs. A few days ago I went there for the first time and  went apeshit on corsets and miniskirts. Today I went back because I had to had this dress. 

Now I can ramble on about textures but do I really have to? The are grand. There. Mini ramble.

Happy shopping.




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