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You have no reason to not look cool at the beach. The ‘pointbreak set’ will go a long way this summer and it comes in a male and female set. The female version is released by Heathenesque and the male version by 7mad;Ravens. The shirt comes with a hud and gives you a bunch of different options in color and prints.Only available at the Thriftshop!

The sand tattoos are another new release. This picture isn’t the best to show them off (I am that good of a blogger!) but it’s pretty neat that you can have a full body sand tattoo, only legs or only torso or have your hands sandy or your feet. Yes, they come with appliers. It just gives a beach outfit that extra. The devil is in the details as they say.

As I have said a few times before I found this store a while back and I do love the style. So if I keep droning on about it, then well bare with me and forgive me. For me women’s fashion is not only about epic dresses and prim and proper stuff. It’s about a touch of grunge and raw and used and worn without looking like a tramp. And in all honesty I find myself going more and more off the beaten path to find that stuff. And yes this is me holding back so I’ll quit droning on now and let you be.

Happy shopping


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