Garden Junk

Garden junk

The shopping list & ramblings

  • Bench – junk. kade bench. blue. (NEW @ The Garden)
  • Candle –  junk. birdcage candle. one. (NEW @ The Garden)
  • Table – junk. kade table. blue. (NEW @ The Garden)
  • Box – Soy. Cooler box (Sup tin) part of Soy. flea market collection (NEW @ KUSTOM9)
  • Curtain – Soy. Beaded curtain (dark wood)
  • Chair – Soy. Flower embossing chair (blue)
  • Bed – The Junk Hole – shabby old bed-mesh

The ramblings

Junk has released this bench and it’s stunning. The end.

Seriously, Tab Tatham once more amazes with textures that are stunning. The bench, the caged candle and the table hold up under the harshest windlight settings and trust me I have taking this puppy for a test drive when it comes to lights.

Hop on over to Garden and take a look around as there are many goodies to be bought.

Even tho far from new I want to point out the L2 house. The L2 houses are not only very well made and this nice cross between vintage/urban but they are also fully modifiable. Those who are more perceptive know that when and if I use builds, it’s mostly houses from Scarlet Creative or L2. And with good reason. Both builders make simply great houses.

I do apologize for my somewhat cut and dry writing but yours truly is rather tired and cross eyed. So I will stop hammering on my wee keyboard hop on the bed and leave you be. Until next time.

Happy shopping.




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