Slice of Paradise

Slice of Paradise

The shopping list & ramblings

On me

  • Bikini – Baiastice_Luli Bikini-onde (@ C88 june)
  • Ink – Reckless. – Hex (NEW for the Big Show)

The ramblings

Going back to the Garden today and building my slice of paradise. In my world this is how a sunny and/or tropical holiday should be. A pavilion that lives somewhere in the ocean, with a simple bed, a place to stow my canvasses and paints, a wee boat to visit neighbours or just ‘put put’ around in and a shower to rinse off when you went swimming. 

If only…I could sit there painting while chewing happily on my purple crayons.

The designers featured in this post don’t need much of an introduction. Kuro has released this shower which is loaded with animations and comes in a few different colors. You can, as always choose between PG and Adult versions.

8f8 has released the pavilion and decks and a ton of props (sold separately) but I had to have this build. As I have told before I love my houses but like to ‘hide’ out in a smaller build and this is going to be my summer hideout. The textures and mesh are of the usual outstanding quality, like everything else that rolls out of iBi hands.

The wee boat from {what next} is a jewel. I have raced around in it during this shoot and besides the fun of that it is as everything else, perfect. 

I have shown off the Reckless ‘Hex’ tattoo a few times already but I have to point out again how much I love it. 

Enough rambling now, time to watch the footy!

Happy shopping


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