An afternoon with Mr. Spyker


The shopping list

  • TV – Kuro [RACE!] – Old tv (red) (NEW @ Level Up)
  • Bed – The Junk Hole – shabby old bed-mesh

On me

  • Collar – Spyker – Choke collar (SOON)
  • Gag – Spyker – Spyker HandSet – 1.01
  • Finger tape – 7mad;Ravens – Charlie Says
  • Poses – Del May

The ramblings

The last few days I have been stalking Rix Spyker. Now I can think of many good reasons to do so, but my reason was to get my greedy hands on the house he has been teasing us with. Ever since I saw the first pictures I have been on his heels. Today I had the privilege of being invited over to take an in-world look at it. It is stunning. And for sale!

Now you might wonder how this picture relates in any way to the house. It doesn’t.

After I was done drooling over the house and trust me I drooled profoundly, we talked a bit and one thing led to another. As you might know Mr. Spyker not only builds houses but he also has released a few other goodies. Such as a collar and a ‘Handset’. I am showing you the ball gag or better ‘hand’ gag of this set.

I am also wearing the Chokecollar which is not yet released but will become available very soon! For me it is always a challenge to show off anything that involves breasts because my blog and Flickr stream are PG and I want to keep it that way.The Handset comes with a texture change option.

Rix was gracious enough to model and be a very, very patient. Thank you!

 Enjoy and happy shopping!

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