Thirsty Girl

Thirsty girl

The shopping list & ramblings

Soda machine – 7 – Soda Machine (NEW @ Summerfest 2014)

On me

  • Jeans – FitMesh – HipHopJeans+Belt – BOLD / Navy – REDGRAVE
  • Ink – Reckless. – Hex (NEW for the Big Show)
  • Shirt – –SU!- Dirty Top BLACK (Wear Me)

The ramblings

Today I put on my big girl panties and tried a location shot. I went to Tierra de Fuego and got busy. While dragging my soda machine around I realised how hard location shoots can be. It’s a far cry from slapping down a build that you know will work and do your thing. I had a great time doing it though and met some interesting people along the way. 

When I was near desperation I found this ‘motel’ and decided that would be a perfect place to have a soda machine and the rest, as they say, is history.

Seven Emporium has released this soda machine (I say soda machine a lot in this post this seems) for the Summerfest 2014. Apart from that there will be a few more releases but this one is more then worth fighting the lag and crowd. It’s as always perfectly textured and made and has great animations. The pose I am using is actually a pose that comes with the soda machine (I could not resist …).

If you do plan on visiting the Summerfest, or any other event for that matter, do the world a favor and use an alpha layer and/or system clothes and drop all attachments and huds. It does help reduce lag and personally I have seen enough mesh- boobs, bums, heads and bodies floating around to become fond again of system clothes.

Happy shopping!


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