Of all the joints in the world..

Of all the joints in the world

The shopping list & ramblings

  • Stage – Kuro – Corner stage (NEW @ Rhapsody)
  • Microphone – Kuro – (NEW @ Rhapsody)
  • Table & Chairs – Kuro – (NEW @ Rhapsody)
  • Jukebox – 
  • On Air –  7
  • Applause –  7
  • Hanging bulb –  7
  • Bucket & mop – Dutchie
  • Frame – Terry Fotherington  (picture inside frame does not come default with the frame)
  • Pose – Del May

The ramblings

The Rhapsody event opens today at noon SLT time. More information about the event and hopefully a landmark, can be found here.

Luana from Kuro has once again gone overboard with a complete decor for any club you might want to open up. Of course the chairs, tables, lights, benches etc will do perfectly in any home as well. Because they are not massive, like some club furniture it will actually do excellent in any home. 

The animations and textures are great as per usual, I don’t have to go there again. 

The signs and lights from Seven Emporium, what can I say? They are simply awesome and in my ‘joint’ they take a prominent place. 

Happy shopping!

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