The shopping list & ramblings

  • Build – *Y’s HOUSE* OMISE001 (heavily modded)
  • Couch – Soy. flea market collection K9 june – vintage pipe sofa leather
  • Turntable – TA Suitcase Turntable (NEW)

On me

The ramblings

Long long overdue the awesome sofa from Soy. Part of a gacha release for the june round of Kustom9, The textures and mesh are awesome as is the rest of this release. However since this is my new home, part of anyway, I have chosen only to use the sofa.

Another must in my home is music and dance. TA has released this turntable. I love them. I still have in life 1.0 a turntable in a little battered suitcase and actual vinyl records to play them. The sound is of course horrid compared to what we are used to now but still.. sentiment pur sang!

This turntable comes with a bunch of dances and a variety of color options. 

Happy shopping!


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  2. Woow! I love the focus of this shot, my first response I draw to the person but my eye wanders lazily to the perfect placement of the doorway, stereo and couch. You are the master Rwah, because the davil is in the details and you always rock at those details.

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