Street Life

street life

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Sign – 7 – Attention Pickpockets (NEW for FLF)
  • Ashtray – [NikotiN] Ashtray City (TMD) (NEW @ TMD july 2014)
  • Butts – [NikotiN] Cigarette Butts (TMD) (NEWTMD july 2014)

On me

  • Top – [monso] My Fur Hoody – Black (girls)
  • Pants – *chronokit* Parachute Sarouel Pants Striped Black
  • Shoes – MAX CRYSTAL GREEN VERSION (NEW @ TMD july 2014)
  • Ink – Reckless – Lone Wolf (NEW @ TMD july 2014)
  • Pose – oOo Studio: Imagine (NEW @ TMD july 2014)

Ramblings (pull up a chair for this one)

Sorry for the late post but those who are on the US side of the world still have hours to pick up the signs that Seven Emporium released for this round of FLF. I am showing your the pickpocket sign but there is another one as well. As per usual the textures are exceptional and if you want original, handmade stuff then you know where to go.

Another place to go, is TMD. It has become my favorite event of the month. Well.. not only month. It is my favorite event. There are a few reasons why and bare with me as I tell you why.

First of the all the selection of goodies is grand. Personally I would love to see a few designers added but that is a minor detail. I wonder tho where they would go. Probably on the roof as every month it seems there is more and more and more and more. .Well you get the point.

But what I find an utter breath of fresh air is that TMD encourages us to cam-shop. TMD is the only event I know of that not only allows pre-opening cam-shopping, but even encourages it. A big huge sign welcomes you to cam in and shop. How’s that for a change? 

So yours truly did just that. I am only showing a few goodies I bought but you can be sure that my inventory is packed with things from TMD. And only a few designers have set up their vendors. So tonight I’ll go back and grab some more because well.. I am greedy.

Most events for me are a struggle from hell to get in the first few days. And in all honesty after a few days I often lost interest already. Spoiled? Yes, completely. This is SL. And as we all know releases of new things is a constant. Well.. not always new, remade, stolen but that is a completely different discussion. Anyway, as for events, I think soon as the first blogposts hit the grid people want to have that stuff. And not wait a week to see what a handful of bloggers can do with them. Becasuse when the one event opens, the teasers for the next appear again. 

I think TMD is on to something big. Not only for me the spoiled customer but also for the designers, who’s goal it is ultimate to sell.

If you want to go and see for yourself, the taxi’s are there waiting for you!

Happy shopping.



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