Little pigs for sale

pigs for sale

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – POST: Normanna Hayshed (bits and pieces of it)
  • Stool – junk. salvaged tractor seat. (NEW for TSS avail. July 10th)
  • Table – junk. salvaged tractor table.(NEW for TSS avail. July 10th)
  • Sign – junk. little pigs sign. (NEW for TSS avail. July 10th)
  • Lamp – junk. pulley ceiling light. (NEW for TSS avail. July 10th)
  • Butts – [NikotiN] Cigarette Butts (TMD) (NEW @ TMD july 2014)

On me

  • Hat – RO – Gunslinger Cowboy Hat – Stallion (NEW @ TMD july)
  • Pants – [monso] My Overall – Dark Blue
  • Finger tape – 7mad;Ravens – Charlie Says

The ramblings

Junk has released an epic set of repurposed tractor parts. As you can see I pushed the table, which sports the front of a tractor, into the wall because I simply love the front. This table is just grand. The seat I am sitting on is made of a tractor seat and is just as epic.

I don’t have to tell you about textures and meshes when it comes to Junk. Their ‘junk’ is simply great. As always are the seats packed with animations and the textures are grand!! There, I couldn’t resist.

The set also has more signs, another chair and of course the lamp. 

The hat is another great release from Remarkable Oblivion. Another store where you do not have to worry or think twice when it comes to quality. Every single items is simply perfect. Hop over to TMD and feast your eyes on it, or even better grab a copy.

Happy shopping.


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