You don’t need much to be happy

You do not need much to be happy

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Blanket – [Con.] Backyard Drive-In – Blanket A (NEW @ TSS)
  • Radio & Cassettes – Soy.It’s a SOY cassete collection (NEW Kustom9 july, avail. the 15th)

On me

  • Hair – little bones. Rabbit Heart – B&W (NEW @ Hairfair 2014)
  • Glasses – [DDL]Here Comes The Sun (sunglasses) Black
  • Top –  {Moon}. Wild Spirit Tank – Midnight

The ramblings

I am pretty sure there are those amongst you that actually remember tape cassettes. I sure do. I remember how I would listen and sit ready to record my favorite songs and yelling and cursing at the DJ’s who would always talk through the intro of the song and/or the end. Stacks and stacks of cassettes littered my room. 

This usually took place in fall and winter, when you had to stay inside because of the bad weather. Soon as the weather allowed I went to either the local outdoor swimming pool or later on to a small lake nearby. A ‘must take with me’ was… my trusted radio/cassette player and carefully selected tapes. And of course a blanky and a boyfriend.

Thank you Dream for posing once more! Hugs!

Happy shopping!


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