Take these broken wings

Take these broken wings

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Wings – 7mad;Ravens Battle Worn Wings (NEW @ Project Limited) – Limited Edition!
  • Horns – 7mad;Ravens Battle Worn Clean Horns (NEW @ Project Limited) Limited Edition!
  • Gauzes – 7mad;Ravens Bloody Gauze Set (NEW @ Project Limited)
  • Finger tape – Finger tape – 7mad;Ravens – Charlie Says
  • Cuffs – /h/ Black Brute Cuffs – (NEW for The Saturday Sale)
  • Fishnets – [ abrasive ] Wrecked Holy Fishnet
  • Bloody knee stockings – –SU!– Gartered Legs
  • Eyes :Little Pricks: Chemicals Collide Face Tattoo/Eye Combo
  • Mouth – :Little Pricks: Hush Little Baby
  • Helmet & collar – Hat Mechanic – Last Rites
  • Hair – little bones. Rabbit Heart – B&W (NEW @ Hairfair 2014)
  • Pose – Kuro – Shattered

Note: Heathenesque and 7mad;Ravens are changing sims. Both stores are under construction.

The ramblings

First of all my wonderful new cuffs. They are created by Jamie Cross (Heathenesque ) and I adore them. They will be available this saturday for this weeks round of The Saturday Sale. For more information about the Saturday Sale and updates join the group in world. 

You have probably seen the stunning pictures others did with Poe Cross’ wings for Project Limited. I could not resist and had to ‘post’ my bid with them. As you know I do love to do pictures like this every now and then. Combined with the gauzes and the helmet it is my interpretation of a Brian Viveros, one of my favorite artists. I use the term interpretation very very losely as I would never dare to compare my pictures with his. 

I could ramble on about the wings, gauzes and cuffs but the truth of the matter is that I am biased as hell because I adore what both designers put out there. 

This saturday also up for grabs during The Saturday Sale is a new finger tape. I am not showing it but they are rather epic and yours for 75 lindens. They come as always in a male/female version but do check if you have the right hands. Just to be safe. If you want them go grab ‘m saturday at 7mad;Ravens.

Enough blabla. I’m sticky and sweaty and a mess and not in a good way so shower time!

Happy shopping!


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