The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – *Y’s HOUSE* OMISE002
  • Lamp – junk. – dreamers light – iron (NEW for the dreaming tree. 26.07)
  • Stool – -JoHaDeZ- Stool “Summer” (Temp. unavailable but it will be again! just nag him)

On me

  • Hair – *Dura-Boy*40(Black)
  • Glasses – * S O R G O – THALA Shades / DARK (NEW @ TSS)
  • Ink – .Reckless – Conflicted (NEW @ Project Limited)
  • Bubble pipe – Leonard! Bubble Pipe (NEW @ Project Limited)

The ramblings

Well I could try and convince you all of the quality of both the lamp from Junk and the chair/table thingie from JoHaDeZ. But I am not going to. Why not? Well for one because I am tired as can be right now and secondly I have droned on and on about the quality of the things that both designers make. 

Now my pipe is a different story. Luna is a wonderful woman and very helpful and friendly. She has helped me a few times with some stuff and she is really nice. Besides that she designs beautiful things as well. The pipe is one of those things. Also her summer dress that is available at TSS is (almost) a must have. The pipe was a gift because since I am usually running around like a headless chicken in SL I missed the vendor when I was at TSS this morning getting the dress.

Typical for me I am ranting on about something that I am not showing but oh well. I will work hard to break this pattern. Pinky swear.

As for the glasses.. well they are simply epic.

Enough ranting for now, enjoy your shopping!


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