Breath small

Breath – Pink Floyd

The shopping list and ramblings

The ramblings (fasten seatbelts and put your chairs in the upright position)

First of, thank you Jordy, Beau and Adam for patiently posing with me. Thank you Jordy for the inspiration, the songs and your never wavering support. 

Kuro and [Con.] joined hands in this wonderful release for ‘Where the wild things are’. Max’s Hideout is a grand release that has many more parts then that I am showing and is a must have if you have left an ounce of inner child in you. The tent and stools come with animations and the tent has texture changing options as well. I think this is a golden move these two designers teaming up and I hope they will again.

The shower from {anc}, what can I say? Not much. It is so so beautiful and fairy tale like. I absolutely adore everything about it, just as I adore pretty much everything Aki creates. Unlimited imagination pur sang.

I am aware there was or maybe still is controversy about We’re Closed and you know what? I don’t give a blue flying f*ck. From my point of view it is very simple. I have bought and will continue to buy pretty much everything in that store for the simple reason that I like it. 

Not only that but when I bought their deck, I had an issue with it so I contacted Dingo and he helped me on the spot and was nice. And that is something that goes a long, long way with me. 

‘He who is without sin cast the first stone’ is something that comes to mind if I read certain posts. A witch hunt is the second thing that comes to mind. Some people actually can change their ways where as others keep on copying happily away and run their stores and events as if they were the kings and queens of originality. Well news flash…you are not. 

We’re Closed not only creates things I love, but their customer service is epic. Something some creators out there could take as an example because they are so ffing arrogant they don’t even respond to your questions. Nor their precious reps. So there you go, my 2 cents worth for this saturday.

Now, breath.

Happy shopping.


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  3. I don’t know what you are talking about. But that’s not unusual, I live under a rock… but I love everything I have bought from we’re closed. And this picture rocks in a major way. And that’s without the Pink Floyd! ♡

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