Eager girl

Eager girl

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – MESHWORX BOXED – Q1 With/Without Stairs Version v5 (NEW @ Fameshed)
  • Chair – -JoHaDeZ- LapdanceChair “Nest” [Adult] (NEW @ TMD 8/2014)

On me

  • Boots – *COCO*_LaceBoots_Black
  • Undies – *Crazy* Tulle Lingerie
  • Ink – .Reckless. – Jameson – (NEW @ TMD 8/2014)

The ramblings

TMD is dressing up for a new round and the first new vendors are ready to go. Again TMD is offering a wide range of stunning goodies. As you know TMD is the only event (I think anyway) that does invite you to cam shop while they are setting up. TMD opens August 5th  officially. 

JoHaDeZ is participating in this round of TMD for the first time and Johnny Hardstone has released this epic, stunning lapdance chair. It does come in an adult and PG version but I think you will floored if you see the animations in both. 

Reckless an absolute favorite of mine, as you all know by now, also is in this round and has released 3 new tattoos. Sadly the one I am wearing doesn’t show that well in this picture but go and look for yourself. They come as always with appliers of course and in fresh and faded options as well as a tattoo layer or you have the choice of clothing layers. 

Last but not least… Meshworx. Droooool!!! The new build which is available at Fameshed is simply stunning. Yes I love and adore grungy, urban look and feels to my builds but at times I can not resist and go ultra modern. Well.. with this build all my wishes were granted in one go. The shape, the lines, the textures, simply stunning and perfect. 

Enough ramblings. Y’all have shopping to do!

Enjoy and happy shopping.

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