The shopping list and ramblings

Sign – 7- Jesus is coming (NEW @ TMD 8/2014)

On me

  • Coat – FATEplay – Willow – Dark
  • Horns – 7mad;Ravens Battle Worn Clean Horns (boxed)
  • Pants – 7mad;Ravens Foster Shorts (boxed)
  • Ink – .Reckless. – Jameson (NEW @ TMD 8/2014)
  • Mask – [BjD] – Crow Mask
  • Hands – -DRD– Grinchhands dark
  • Pose – ::Axix:: LordCrow.

The ramblings

Seven Emporium has released this grand sign for TMD. There is another one as well which is just as epic so hop over and go see for yourself.

Of course I am not immune to what FATEplay puts out there but usually the designs are not those I would wear for women. BUT… This release was for me a must have. I am only showing the coat but it’s a full outfit!

As for the horns of 7mad;Ravens this picture doesn’t do them justice and I hope I can rectify that soon. The horns are so incredibly well made and there is so much detail that they really are a must have if you like horns.

As for the scene.. that just happened. Sort of. Kinda.. Ya know? Just take is as you want.

Happy shopping!

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