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The ramblings

Outdoor shots always got me going. I love building, I love messing around with landscape stuff but my natural habitat seem to be houses. Still.. I love trying and so today I did.

We’re Closed doesn’t need much of an introduction. They are simply good and and when it comes to dressing up your land, you will find a vast array of things to do just that. I am absolute in love with the wee boat and the swing. 

A ‘new kid on the block’ is Revival. Funny story. Just before I went to sleep last night I went over Flickr, randomly clicking streams. I love doing that sometimes and I last night I stumbled on Revival. This morning I wasted little time and went over to the store and bought a few things. One of those things is the leaning bench. Expect to see much more of this designer the coming days as I absolute adore his stuff.

I could ramble on about textures. But you know that I have a texture fetish.. So I don’t have to burst out in another hallelujah over them? Do I? Go hop on over to the stores and see for yourself. That’s probably best. 

Happy shopping!

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