The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – Spyker -Concrete Skybox by Rix Spyker (SOON)
  • Lounger – .:revival:. pallet on wheels
  • Letters – 7 – Lightbox Letter – Fat Pack (wall) (NEW @ C88)

On me

The ramblings

C88 anniversary round is in full swing. I haven’t been able to get in as of yet and trust me I have tried. Lucky we have a whole month to feast on the goodies out there but for now I am lucky to show you (some) of the letters Seven Emporium released for C88.

As you know, the textures from Seven Emporium are simply stunning and each letter has several colour choices as well. So you can go apeshit.

The lounger aka pallet on wheels is from Revival. It is not only packed with animations (8 fem, 8 male and 3 couple) but also has a texture changer. The textures are grand and it’s needless to say I have fallen in love. Again lol

The skybox is barely visible but when I had the good fortune yesterday to meet mr. Spyker he was kind enough to give me a copy. As you all know I have more houses then shoes (which is not so hard since I hardly wear those) and I couldn’t wait to rezz it and play around with it. And I did!.

Obviously this doesn’t show of the build very well. But if you like wide open spaced homes, clean lines and big window and concrete textures then this skybox is for you. It is a perfect blank canvas for any decor freak who likes something different. It’s just under 50 LI. I have no information as of yet when it will be released. All I can give you is ‘soon’.

Again, enough reasons to go shopping I would think and so .. go shop and sin.. a lot.

Happy shopping!


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