All I wanna do is have some fun

All I wanna do is have some fun

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – ~Dirty Rat~Gas Station
  • Chair – Soy. Old van frontseat (Gray leather) (NEW @ TLC)
  • Back pack – Kuro – Hitchhiker kit (NEW @ TLC)
  • Sign – Kuro – Hitchhiker sign (Santa Monica) (NEW @ TLC)
  • Route 66 & Truck drivers welcome sign – Seven Emporium (only party visible)
  • Road Block – Plethora – Roadblocks – Yellow (NEW @ TLC)
  • Grass – [We’re CLOSED] grass field green 01 – random

On me

  • Hair – MINA – Sophia – Black & white specials ((NEW @ CSR)
  • Shirt – !APHORISM! Long Sleeved Crop Top – Striped (NEW @ TLC)
  • Skirt – Bueno-Hard Luck-Denim Skirt-Coal (NEW @ K9)
  • Boots – [Gos] Aviator Boots – Amelia in Worn + Add on socks pack
  • Pose – Del May – Coffee morning

The ramblings

Last December I was in LA. And yes I did drive top down on in Santa Monica in a rental with the Sheryl Crow song blearing. It helped greatly that the guy next to me was very tall, and looked like he belong so people didn’t pelt me with stuff. Anyways.. short and sweet today. 

Nice goodies to be found on several events.

Happy shopping!


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