Fall is coming

fall is coming

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – Scarlet Creative Jasmine Prefab (Neutral) (NEW @ C88)
  • Daybed – Revival -canvas daybed (NEW)
  • Stool – [we’re CLOSED] pillow stool (NEW @ CSR)
  • Bread – AF – Au pain (Sourbread Baguette)
  • Wine – [Breno] Wine Set (boxed)
  • Pose – Kuro in Motion – One and the same…(NEW)

The ramblings

Scarlet Creative’s Jasmine had me going from the moment I rezzed it. The colors, the shape, the textures.. I just stood there wondering how I would ‘dress her’. 

In the end I decided that clean and simple as possible was going to be my way and a first glimpse of that you see here. 

I have been licking all walls and windows. Doors and floors as I absolutely adore the textures Charlotte has used. The stains, the hint of plasterwork and the woods are right up my alley. When I was done licking the house, I immediately went on with licking the new daybed from Revival and currently I am busy with the stool from We’re CLOSED.

Then as a rare treat the magnificent bread from AF and wash it all down with some red from Breno.

All silliness aside, all things shown here are simply good. If you want quality in textures and design then either of the above designers has to be on your list. 

Happy shopping.


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